The First, The Wonder of WONDERS

WEMIX3.0ProtocolAuthority NodePMR

This Community is the first node of the 40 nodes that have come together to participate in the Governance of the WEMIX3.0 mainnet.

By contributing to the development and growth of the WEMIX ecosystem, the DAO received PMR* and continuously promotes the joint growth of the DAO.*Permanent Minting Reward

Recruiting will begin soon

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PurposeRight at the center of the 40 authorities of WEMIX3.0 mainnet operations

As a member of the 40 WONDERS*, the goal is to promote continuous development and growth of the WEMIX mega-ecosystem through transparent and democratic operations.

*The 40 NCP (Node Council Partner) that make up a pillar of the WEMIX3.0 mainnet
01With the rights to participate in the various decisions related to mainnet operations

Being an NCP comes with the right to participate in the various decision-making processes within the WEMIX mega-ecosystem.

02Contributing to the continuous growth of the DAO Token through DAO operations

Contributing to the growth of the DAO Token through transparent and democratic operations

ProtocolThe 6 protocols play a pivotal role in WONDER DAO operations and development.
GovernanceTransparent and Democratic Decision-makingMake various proposals related to WONDER DAO operations, and participate in the decision-making process through discussions and votes.
  • Station Re-recruiting
  • Set distribution within the protocol
  • Set WEMIX3.0 support targets
  • Set amount of DAO Tokens to burn
Proposals are voted on with g.WONDER, the Governance Token, as voting rights and DAO Governance has 3 steps.
  • Temperature Check
  • Consensus Check
  • Governance Check


Supporting the stable operations and transparent communications of the WONDER DAO

The WONDER DAO's Trust is delegated the NCP node operations of the WONDER DAO. It exercises its voting rights under the WONDER DAO name on WEMIX3.0 Governance Proposals. It also communicates and provides information related to the activities mentioned above to the WONDER DAO in transparent notices.


Get DAO Tokens and Governance Tokens to become a member of WONDER DAO and participate in the decision-making process.

DAO TokenWONDER(Ticker: WDR)

WONDER Token is a utility token that can be used to issue Governance Tokens. You can Stake WONDER to obtain g.WONDER Tokens.

  • Issued amount: 1,900,010 WDR
  • To get this token: Participate in Station or Use the Swap service in WEMIX.Fi
Governance Tokeng.WONDER(Ticker: g.WDR)

g.WONDER gives you the right to participate in On-chain Governance, which decides on all matters of WONDER DAO operations.

  • A Governance Token that is issued or burned in the DAO Obelisk
  • To get this token: Use the Obelisk in WONDER DAO
Introducing WONDER DAO

Core Values of DAOA Community Pioneering the Evolution of the Blockchain Ecosystem

  1. Transparent rules

    Manage DAOs with a transparent On-chain governance program!
    DAO is operated with transparent rules: activities like discussions on various topics, voting using Governance Tokens, moving funds that are recorded on the blockchain, etc.
  2. Cooperation and collaboration

    Create results like never before with collaboration that goes beyond time!
    Engage with people with various interests beyond space and time.
  3. Sustainable growth

    Grow together with DAOs you create!
    The performance of DAOs is transparently managed to achieve the growth of DAOs and create a virtuous cycle through reinvestment.

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