NEITH Station

The unfolding of NEITH Station, the beginning of a mystical journey in search of the promise of NEITH.

NEITH NFT is a new type of NFT that bears coins or tokens under the promise of NEITH, the goddess of creation. Holders of this NFT can claim the covenant amount of coins or tokens on or after the Covenant Date. The Covenant Value is disclosed transparently in the NEITH Vault.

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The Great Challenge

The mystical journey of NILE, creating new value

NEITH NFTs is the world's first NFT that conveys value via an underlying asset.

  • NEITH Covenant

    You can exchange NEITH NFTs for the covenanted amount of coins or tokens at any time after the Covenant Date. NEITH NFTs is the world's first NFT that conveys value via an underlying asset.

  • The World's first protocol-based NFTFi

    NEITH NFT combines DeFi and enables NFTFi, a decentralized protocol that facilitates Lending, Swaps, Staking, and more.

  • NEITH Vault and NEITH Altar

    The NEITH Station consists of NEITH Vault, where the NEITH Covenant is stored, and NEITH Altar, where NFTs are burned. Claim to burn your NFT in the NEITH Altar receive the promised amount of affixed coins or tokens.


NFT Collection under the promise of NEITH Covenant

How to

Journey towards the NEITH Covenant

  1. Preparation for the NEITH Covenant
    • View the NEITH NFTs, distinguished by its unique symbol, in the Marketplace of Projects tab.
    • Check the Covenant conditions in the collection page. Each collectible has a Covenant Date of its own and coins or tokens according to its rarily.
    • Link your Wallet prior to purchase. Transactions will be quicker if you already own enough tokens for the purchase.
  2. Beginning of the Journey

    You can purchase the NFT in the Marketplace via auction or fixed-price sales. The gas fees will be applied in WEMIX.

  3. The mystical journey towards the promise of NEITH

    NEITH NFT can be traded freely at any time prior to the Claim. Increase the value of your NFTs through trading.

NEITH Covenant Date

Upon the Covenant Date, you can proceed with the claim process. By selecting Covenant Claim, the selected NEITH NFT is burned in NEITH Altar and the amount of coins or tokens stored in NEITH Vault will be transferred to the Wallet.

* Gas fees will occur upon Claim.


NEITH Station, the Beginning of a New Venture

Three Values of NFT

NILE emphasizes three values of NFT

The Neith NFT is based on the Appreciating Value of the asset, Neith Covenant, and incorporates both Utility and Premium Value, allowing the community to utilize the stability of NFTs in DeFi.

  • Utility Value

    To determine whether an NFT has Utility Value, the following question must be asked: “Will owning this NFT enhance my life”. If the answer is “yes”, then the NFT is deemed to have Utility Value.

  • Appreciating Value

    We expect the value of NFTs as assets to grow steadily over time. If you anticipate that the price of your NFT will increase after a year, you are expecting an increase in its Appreciating Value.

  • Premium Value

    Premium Value is a new form of value that is not based solely on its utility or monetary worth, but rather on its mere existence and ownership.

What to do

Ample blessings of the Covenant

Promise of Opportunity

NEITH NFT can be traded prior to the Claim. Make sure to check the claim status of the NFT you want to trade.


The response of NEITH

  • Does trading affect the Covenant Date?

    Only the holder of the NEITH NFT is authorized to claim. Ownership transfer will not affect the Covenant Date.

    *Each information may differ for each collection.

  • What happens to the NEITH NFT in my balance upon claiming?

    All NFTs will be burned upon Claim.

  • How are NFTs sold in the NEITH Station?

    A prefixed number of coins or tokens can be set in the NFT upon discussion with the NILE operations team, or NILE operations team may set a prefixed number of coins or tokens prior to listing of the NFT for sale.

  • Where are the unclaimed coins or tokens stored?

    Coins or tokens under NEITH Covenant are stored in the NEITH Vault. The Vault address will soon be disclosed for transparent operation.

    *Those who claim coins or tokens will be subject to taxes, and related information will be included in the guide given when claiming.